2013 Teradata Reunion
at the Full Circle Tavern, Dallas
This year's reunion was on October 24, 2013 in Dallas. By my count, there were 30 people who attended, and approximately 7 billion who didn't. Alas, I was in the second group.

So, you know the score. This year's 110 photos all appear as thumbnails below. Point your mouse at a picture to see the names; click on a picture to see a larger version.

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Tip: To quickly view all pictures for this year, click on the first one (Kevin et al dining); then just keep pressing the Enter key to step through all of 'em.

Oh, wait, one more important thing...

So, you'll probably be asking what's up with Karen's 2-Heineken photos. For starters, no, I didn't PhotoShop these...

As far as I can tell, Joe tried the exclusive 2-Heineken Diet; nirvana and inspiration naturally followed; Karen had a camera; and the rest is history. Anyway... what do you expect when Joe and Karen are left too long with alcohol and no adult supervision?

Thanks, team, you made my day :)

Thanks to Debi Hoefer  for the following 16 photos.

Thanks to Dave Schrader  for the following 38 photos.

Thanks to Karen Heath  for the following 28 photos.

Thanks to Ken Bell  for the following 7 photos.

Thanks to Todd Walter  for the following 21 photos.