2012 Teradata Reunion
at Virtue Feed and Grain, Old Alexandria
The hard work and persistence of the Site Selection Committee (i.e. Karen) paid off! And we had a terrific turnout for the 2012 Teradata Reunion... 50 people turned up; the biggest East Coast Reunion yet.

Below you'll find thumbnails of the photos from Bob, Dave, and Karen. (There are more to come.) Point your mouse at a picture to see the names; click on a picture to see a larger version. To see other Teradata Reunions or more Teradatans, go to the Teradata Reunion Home.

Epilog: Quite a few people asked me how Chuck was doing. So Bob, James, and I went to ask him... a mini-Reunion. Photos appear at the end of Bob's set. Chuck's not doing bad for a guy who was told he had days to live some 3 months ago!

Thanks to Dave Schrader  for the following 61 photos.

Thanks to Karen Heath  for the following 63 photos.

Thanks to Bob Flynn  for the following 31 photos.

Thanks to Stacey Zorn  for the following 12 photos.