Friday, August 13:  We left Yosemite early, made good time through the Central Valley, and stopped in Livermore for a break (and our first ever visit to WalMart).  Jacquetta was taken aback by the low prices, sometimes 3x cheaper than equivalent things in England

We proceeded around the east side of the Bay, over Richmond Bridge, and south to Sausalito, the town at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The houseboat where we'd be staying was called "Mermaid Sanctuary"... it was lovely, the weather was lovely, and Jacquetta was lovely!

Relaxing on the back deck...

Saturday, August 14:  We went across to Berkeley, and had a short shopping trip along Telegraph Street, near the University.  Both Jacquetta and Robyn had their hair braided by a street vendor, while Dan hid out in Cody's Bookstore.

We went up the hill to Doug and Jessie Heying's new house... great views over the city, bay, and Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunday, August 15:  We met up with multiple Modes to sail the bay on Ron's 42' sailboat.  

There were great views along the way... including the City of San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, etc.

Our plan was to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge.  There was plenty of wind... but the tide and wind direction were not working in our favor.

Here's Robyn wondering if we'd ever get there... and, given the stiff, cool breeze, trying to decide which season it is...

In the end, we made it... so the Twins and Jacquetta got to see the bridge from the bottom before seeing it from the top!

Jerry and Ron Modes.

As we passed under Golden Gate Bridge, Jerry yelled to people walking across it "Jump!  We'll catch you!  Promise!"

After sailing back to Emeryville, we stopped off at Jerry's new house in Berkeley... 

Monday, August 16:  We went down to Sausalito, wandered around the shops, had lunch at Scoma's, shopped some more, relaxed.  In the evening, Dan met up with Bob Flynn, Chuck McDevitt, and Chuck's friend Fonda Lauw.

Tuesday, August 17:  We took the ferry from Sausalito into San Francisco.  Lots of nice views of the city along the way.





We took the cable car up California to Powell, and down Powell to Market.  Here's a look at an oncoming cable car, and of the cable car operator doing his thing.

What happens if you eat your dessert BEFORE lunch?  Ask Ben!  (Compliments to Alcatraz Penitentiary)


As the ferry took us back to Sausalito, this seagull surfed our wind shadow

Clouds poured over the Marin peninsula from the ocean beyond


Here's one of our neighbors... a rather unlikely looking houseboat, I would say!

In the morning, we'd be traveling through the city of San Francisco to get to the airport... so we packed the night before, and left very early, to beat the traffic.


Our next destination was Illinois.