Friday, July 23 (still!):  We arrived in San Diego, grateful to see our luggage again.  We made our way to the rental car place, where we ended up with something a bit bigger than we bargained for:  a Chevrolet Astro van.  We had plenty of space for our luggage... and the Twins each had a bench seat of their very own, to boot!

We were pretty tired... by the time we arrived in San Diego, it was well after midnight according to our body clocks... by the time we got to bed, it was after 5AM.  The bright blue sky helped, but we were still pretty bushed!

Our home for the next few days would be Kona Kai Marina, on Shelter Island, in San Diego Bay.

We were staying aboard "Dutch's", Adriaan Veldhuisen's 34-foot sailboat.  

We never did take the boat out... though we had great weather for it.  But the boat turned out to be a great venue for our first few days in the USA, all the same... no traffic, pleasant setting,  fresh air, and yet close to the city and lots of other things.

Saturday, July 24:  This day was mostly about chilling out and figuring out which way was up... time zone, and all.  A bit of swimming in the pool at the Kona Kai Club.  

In the evening, the yacht club sponsored a Jimmy Buffet evening... complete with a DJ, margaritas, and (for the Twins) pinatas.  They kept the party going into the night -- the Karaoke singing grew worse as the night wore on!

Sunday, July 25:  We started out by going to Mission Beach, but try as we might, we could not find a parking spot.  We continued up to La Jolla, circled 'round and came back to Shelter Island.

For the afternoon, we made our way up to Adriaan's for his birthday party, up in San Marcos.  

Most people there were Dutch, including Adriaan's daughter who'd come over with a number of her friends.  

Adriaan's house is on a golf course, although he doesn't play the game.  As far as he's concerned, he's got a huge back yard and a team of gardeners for free!

Monday, July 26:  We went to Sea World.  We did a bit of shopping and wandering first... the Twins went on the Shipwreck Rapids, which was reportedly cool!

But the best parts of Sea World were the dolphin and killer whale shows. 


The dolphin act at Sea World was delightful.  Part of the program included a family, selected from the audience, who were brought into the act by petting dolphins, signaling dolphins to do certain tricks, etc.

Every once in a while, something wouldn't go quite right... the "dad" got the short end of the stick.  Here we see a dolphin making off with his hat, instead of his fish treat.


The killer whales were trained to shovel water onto the crowd, as were the dolphins.

The first 14 rows were "wet zones"... don't complain if you get soaked in these seats!

Tuesday, July 27:  Time to move on.  We got up early, had breakfast at Doc Master's, and headed north.  Along the way, we stopped at Fashion Valley (a giant shopping area) where we bought lots of gifts.  Then, we continued onward for a hundred miles or so, to our next destination: Los Angeles.