Our Weekend in Dublin


Dan had a contract in Dublin so I decided to fly over for the weekend leaving the twins in England with their dad. It was about time Dan and I had some quality time together and what better place to spend it than Dublin, home to the Guinness Brewery and Jameson distillery. All I hoped was that it didn't rain!

I had searched the web for a hotel and came up with 'The Schoolhouse Hotel' shown below which proved to be just the ticket.

It was located in the Ballsbridge area of Dublin, quite close to Landsdown road rugby stadium. Although it was about a 10 minute walk into the 'heart' of the city it was well worth it as the hotel had a lot of history and the accommodation, service and food were great; not to mention the Inkwell Bar shown below, which was very lively on the Friday I arrived.

 This hotel was originally St. Stephen's Parochial School from 1861 - 1969.   Each guest room was named after a famous Irishman or woman and we were hoping for the Oscar Wilde room. Alas, we didn't get it and ended up in the 'Plunkett room' which was also very nice Shown below is the Flann O'Brien room which I think was next to ours.

As I had arrived late afternoon I decided to take a walk down to the Grafton Street area and 'browse' for a couple of hours. This turned out to be a good idea as I did most of my souvenir shopping during this time which meant that we had all day free on Saturday to take the city bus tour and visit other interesting places which I knew about from my time as a History teacher at Sunbury Manor School.
I walked past St. Stephen's Green, Trinity College and a very strange statue of Oscar Wilde which seemed to be lounging on a large rock, thinking of something profound no doubt; or maybe he was just thinking about when to have his next Guinness! Take a look and see what you think.

Is that weird or what!
I think it was on the corner of Merrion Square but I could be wrong. I remember one of his famous quotations  going something like this:
'There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.'
I think the sculptor who made this likeness wanted people to talk about it because everyone does.........it looks so strange!

We ate at the hotel that night and I can truly recommend Satchels Restaurant, the food was very yummy. So yummy in fact that we ate there both nights! We visited the Inkwell Bar on both Friday and Saturday night but I have to say that Friday was the night. Saturday was very low key and not what we had expected after having a great time on the previous evening. We had invited some of Dan's colleagues there telling them that it really was a great place, full of atmosphere and the like only to be disappointed. Ah well, they had never been their before so it turned out ok I guess.

The bus tour around Dublin was a real hit. We had a driver who not only showed us all the sights and kept us informed of the history but also sang to us all about a young fish seller called Molly Malone. Some of his jokes were hilarious, especially the one about Ms Malone being 'celibate'.........you know, he said, she sold fish in the day and something else at night. People said she was celibate..........thats right, she would 'sell a bit' here and 'sell a bit' there! He was great fun. The only complaint was that it was an open top bus and we were upstairs. What fools! I have never been so cold in my life.

We didn't visit the Guinness Brewery or the Jameson Distillery as the queues were long but you could smell the Guinness at least a quarter of a mile away! Dan said that he was working quite close to the brewery so I didn't ask what he did for lunch. The Distillery can be found in Smithfield Village which is in the heart of Old Dublin.

The Jameson whiskey distillery was founded on this site in 1780. The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic 'Uisce Beatha' meaning 'Water of Life'.

 On Saturday morning we were too late for breakfast at the hotel and went into town searching for food. However, we did not end up with the full Irish breakfast that you see below, not that it didn't look appealing to Dan, especially those tall glasses of dark liquid. Instead, we ended up in a nice bistro bar situated off  Grafton Street where we had club sandwiches and cafe latte! Not very Irish but nice none the less.

Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Bank of Ireland.

The Presidents house in 
Phoenix Park.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

The Post Office, still showing bullet holes from the Easter Rising of 1916.

Dan outside a pub in the Temple Bar district.

Dublin Castle.

We had a really good time during this weekend. Dublin is a great city to visit and the weather had been kind to us which made all the difference. I remember my daughter saying that when she came it rained all the time and they had a miserable weekend. Ah well, we were fortunate, some of that famous Irish luck must have dropped on us for a change.

We looked everywhere for this pub. 
Dan thinks it should be called Dan Holle's Pub. 
Just as well we didn't find it. Dan would have had a fine time trying to persuade the proprietor to change the name!

We hope you have enjoyed our Dublin page. We would like to leave you with a few saying from Murphy's Law which we can vouch for seeing as they always happen to us

  • The other queue always moves faster.
    (especially in airports)

  • A short cut is the longest distance between two points.
    (especially in town centres)

  • Never drink with anyone crazier than yourself.
    (especially husbands)
    Murphy was obviously a  optimist!

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