Monday, August 2:  We came up the coast from Santa Barbara, going over San Marcos Pass, and through towns like Morro Bay, where the fog took a while to lift.  It was so cold here that Jacquetta bought a sweatshirt to keep warm!

We continued north, past San Simeon, Big Sur, and Carmel.

We stayed at the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, a short walk from the Monterey Aquarium.  Here is a view from in front of the Inn, which was right on the "beach".

The beach was decidedly different from the sun and sand of Santa Barbara.  It was in Monterey that we became familiar with the marine layer of clouds, and its... er... ability to prevent unsightly tans.  

Here's Green Gables Inn.  I waited for a blue sky to get a better picture, but the opportunity didn't present itself.

A delightful Victorian place, with a nice feeling to it... most mornings, we'd have breakfast at a big table with a beautiful view of the bay.

From the Inn, we were a 10 minute walk from Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Cannery Row beyond.  At the Aquarium, we saw displays of sea otters and a large display of deep-sea life.  We probably saw only a third of it.

Perhaps the fish on the right represent Monterey's equivalent to LA traffic.

The Twins never seemed to get "connected" at the Aquarium.  Perhaps after Disneyland and SeaWorld, they were expecting more active entertainment.

Despite our proximity to Cannery Row, we didn't really feel like we were living in town.  These deer showed up one day when we were walking back.


Monterey was a great place to get caught up on postcards and diaries.

On our last day in Monterey, we went past Wharf... in addition to the now-familiar shopping and eating, there was an artist who did remarkable pastel portraits in minutes.

Here's Ben with a drawn look on his face.

Thursday, August 5:  We got up very early, leaving before breakfast to make our next destination:  Mendocino County.