Tuesday, July 27:  We arrived at Channel Road Inn.  This is a delightful place... turn of the century construction, big old house, lots of space, and very helpful people.  It's very easy to get to... in fact, maybe a bit too easy, right near the Coast Highway.  The beach was only a short walk away.

Wednesday, July 28:  We took bikes from the Inn, and headed down the coast, following the bike path.

Our first stop was Santa Monica Pier.  It was just opening, so it was easy to do whatever we wanted.  There were no lines.

There was a ball-throwing game... throw 3 balls;  if you get 2 targets, a small prize; if you get 3, a large one.  Ben got 4 targets with 3 balls on the second try!

There were several rides... including this roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and several others.  

The twins tried most of them, and in each case had the entire ride to themselves.


We headed down the bike path towards Venice.  There were lots of shops... including this one, which sold T-shirts and sunglasses.  We bought T-shirts, but tried out the sunglasses!

They were filming an episode of Baywatch at Venice Beach.  

I used to live in Southern California.  Few things surprised me, but one of them was the number of people begging on the streets.

Here's one along the 3rd Street Promenade, an area which, otherwise, was a beautiful and fun area.

Thursday, July 29:  Another "chill out" day.  We relaxed, and wandered down to the beach.  In the evening, we met up with Renee Weber... a long-time friend of the family.  Last time we saw Renee was on a sailing trip in Greece!

Friday, July 30:  When I saw this sign, I thought at first I might be going into another corporate meeting or high-tech sales call, but instead we were entering Disneyland.

Here's a view of Main Street at Disneyland.  There are a lot of shops in the park, and many of them are here.  We bought quite a few souvenirs for friends and family who are young at heart.

LA and traffic are synonymous... not that the traffic was necessarily snarled (for example, the traffic below was moving along nicely), but the fact that it was ever-present.  

In the evening, we went up to the 3rd Street Promenade again, this time to meet up with some of Dan's friends... Jill Dyche, Carrie Ballinger, Rick Casaly, and Rick's wife Dianne.  We got lots of advice on things to see near our upcoming destinations.

Saturday, July 31:  We departed after breakfast for Santa Barbara.