Wednesday, August 18:  We arrived at Chicago's O'Hare Airport at around 4PM.  After wrestling with the baggage, we made our way to the rental car place, and picked up yet another white Chevy Astro.

We had dinner with Dan's parents, and with the twins' cousin Brian, with whom they'd sailed around the Canary Islands a few years before.

Thursday, August 19:  We had a family gathering at Herrick's Lake, for the Twins and Jacquetta to meet the rest of Dan's family.  We went canoeing, an activity which evolved from paddling to water fighting.

Brett (9 years old) caught a giant bullfrog, which he later released.


Robyn tried fishing... no luck.

Friday, August 20:  We had a lazy morning, and did some shopping in a nearby shopping center.  Later on, we went to Bill and Tina Blechschmidt's place for a family barbeque.  

It was Jacquetta and Dan's first anniversary... they got married in the Caribbean the year before, so this was the chance for the Holle side of the family to celebrate the event!

In addition to family, there were some interesting attendees.  Mike Kash, head of Physics at Lake Forest College... and Mike Seyssens, who drove to Alaska with Dan in 1976.

Saturday, August 21:  We had a family photo shoot in the morning, the we went for ice cream where Sharon works...

Later, Dan's dad joined Jacquetta and Dan for a stroll at Naperville's downtown River Walk.

Later in the afternoon, seven of us went to a minor league baseball game... Kane County Cougars vs. Wisconsin.  It was a really fun time, with events and contests between innings, and other sorts of special events.

Ben was most interested -- he'd been learning the rules of the game, and had bought a baseball mitt and a ball.

At every Cougars home game, they select a "Sweetheart of the Game".  Out of over 13,000 attendees, Robyn was selected!

Her name was announced to the crowd, and her picture appeared on the display screen out over left field


Doug, Barb, Brian, Robyn, Ben, and Jacquetta watching the action

After the game, there was a marching band and fireworks.

Sunday, August 22:  We gathered at Doug's house in Naperville for a final cup of coffee.  Everybody came... including Dan's Uncle Art, from Rockford.

In the photo at left, one's named Elise and the other is a newt.

Ben, Robyn, Jacquetta, and Dan departed for the airport around 2PM.

After a long trip, we were on our way home.