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{short description of image}Hello! And welcome. If you're not sure what you're looking for, you've found it. Just trust me, and relax.

This is a new page. Eventually, I'll do all the usual, boring stuff... work page, resume, etc. ... but, so long as this site is in its early stages, come here and enjoy it before it grows up.

...something I never plan to do, by the way.

This very smiley picture of me was taken a couple weeks ago where we stayed near the Red Sea. I was smiling not only because I was relaxed... but also because I was with Jacquetta, Ben, and Robyn... and because I was looking forward to a bright new future after a series of frustrating years as Director of Product Strategy at WhiteCross Systems.{short description of image}

So, why don't you relax, too... and wander through a few of our links. Besides the ones you've already seen above, there's a page on our sailing exploits in Greece and the Canary Islands; and a description of my participation in the 1994 American North Ridge Everest Expedition
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