Our Visit to 
Groombridge Gardens

We decided to take Mum for a visit to Groombridge Gardens during the Summer months. It is a lovely place and we had fun. Here are some of our memories.

In the wild wood.

All together by the bridge.

Dan and mum relax after lunch.

The peacock comes into the garden.

In front of the Elizabethan Manor House.

Beautiful roses!

At the end of the moat.

We found a lovely rose arbour with a seat.

Dan and I have a cuddle.

Time to sit and relax. 
Mum never travels light.

The peacock returns.

Barn owl at the raptor centre.

This might be a goshawk.

Or perhaps this is?

Perhaps a Kestral?
Don't really know that much about hawk species.

We took one last look at the gardens before driving home.

We had a great day out. Groombridge Hall is a fun place especially if you like 'wild' gardens. There is a small boat that takes you up to the 'enchanted forest' which is great for children. They have some really unusual plants there. Some are tropical and you would not expect to see them growing here but they do at Groombridge.
They also have a tea room and you can visit the hall, but don't expect rides and things, this is an old fashioned garden and long may it stay that way. It also has a fascinating history which the boatman will tell you if you board his craft upstream. It also has a 'raptor centre' which puts on displays. The whole place is about 200 acres and as well as ancient woodland it is home to some very pretty traditional 'walled gardens'.
It can be found on the borders of Sussex and Kent, very close to Royal Tunbridge Wells and is easy distance from the M25.

If you like visiting gardens click on the butterfly and it will link you to a web page full of useful information.
Bye for now.

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