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South Carolina

Easter 2000

Welcome to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where we spent the first week of our Easter vacation.

As you can see by this map, Hilton Head Island looks like a foot. We would be staying in the Hyatt Regency which was right on the beach and on the middle of the sole of the foot, if you see what I mean!
The hotel was wonderful and all that we expected. The pool was rather cold though but we braved it anyway. This picture was taken from the hotel bedroom and shows the pool area and beach in the distance.

There was a golf tournament going on while we were there and Dan took a wander down one day with his camera. This is what he saw!
He did see some golf as well but did not recognise the players.

The island itself was very pretty and very warm for this time of year, although there were some occasional thunder storms and rain. While we were there they were also limbering up in the local tennis club for the American Open (I think). Ben and I sat and watched the professionals at work one afternoon after our match. They were so good it made us feel ashamed of our standard, but then, we were only beginners!

We had some nice meals here and wandered around the small shopping area which had the usual souvenir shops and stalls with guys making jewellery and so forth.

Here we are buying some sort of jewellery. I think it was a grain of rice with your name on it encased in a type of pendant. Robyn took a few back for gifts for her friends. The guy must have had excellent eye sight to make these souvenirs, I could not even see the writing let alone make out what it said!
The best part of this area was no doubt the beach and we used it extensively to ride bikes, walk, run and just explore the local area.
There are some beautiful homes here facing the ocean and I really like the design of them. They seem to have these 'wrap around porches'. So nice. I could live here, but not in the high Summer when Dan says it gets really humid and sticky and full of mozzies! Maybe not after all, but those houses........

We had flown into Atlanta and then caught a connection to Savannah and driven along the beautiful scenic motorway into Hilton Head. The car was a coupe and very low down. I nearly had to lay back to drive! Not really my cup of tea but this was just a hire for a week so never mind.

Here are some more pictures of our time in South Carolina. I think these were taken at a mini golf place called 'Blackbeards' or something.

Robyn won a prize.

 Ben won the game.

Our next stop was Ducks Key, which was just outside the town of Marathon in the Florida Keys. We would fly from Savannah to Atlanta, then on to Miami, pick up another rental car and then make the drive down. We were not looking forward to all that changing around but needs must if you are to see two different parts of the USA in a two week stay.

The resort of Ducks Key was fabulous and had just about everything a family could want. We had chosen this complex because we wanted Robyn to go to the dolphin school and learn all about dolphins. Since diving with them in the Red Sea she was fascinated by them and wanted to know more. They also had a tennis coach so Ben could have lessons which was good. Dan and I had plans of a relaxing week as he had worked for most of the last week on his laptop!

When we arrived we upgraded ourselves to a house which was a great move as it meant we all had lots of room and Dan could still work when he felt like it, which was every day I have to say. Just can't keep him away from that laptop. I think the only time I remember that he didn't work was when we were visiting Cyprus. 

The dolphin school worked out well eventually, but what they don't tell you is that you have to book well in advance and we had to hope for a slot that was free because someone had cancelled. Dan stood in line all morning just to get Robyn the chance to do this activity and thank goodness he did because she really had fun. Here are some pictures to prove it!

The dolphin gets playful.

Yuk! Tastes like rubber.

Robyn and Dan also went scuba diving.

While Ben and I had a few games of pitch and put. Ben got some great shots but I was pretty bad as I recall.

Ben wasn't so lucky with the tennis coaching as the guy had an injury as did I at that time so he hired out the 'automatic coach' for a couple of sessions and had to make do with that. As we were there during the Easter weekend they held an egg hunt and I have never seen the twins find so many eggs in such a short space of time. They were eating chocolate for the rest of the holiday and some eggs even made it across the Atlantic in their suitcases!

The resort was lovely and we all had a lot of fun. We did some parasailing one day. Here are a few pictures.

The pool area to the back of our house was lovely and there were other pools dotted around the complex which all the guests could enjoy. So we did!

Swim first...........

Then read..........

Robyn and I also rented out a power scooter but there was so much seaweed that it proved unsuccessful as neither of us wanted to climb off and clean out the underneath of the vehicle!

The weather was glorious and Dan and I did make the trip down to Key West one day but it is full of tacky souvenir shops. We were looking for the bar that Jimmy Buffet used to frequent as the guide books all said that he had a home down there, but it became so crowded and hot that we decided to head back as it was a two hour journey either way and we did not want to leave the twins alone for too long. And anyway, I didn't want to miss out on all those rays!

We had a great time in both places and we flew back to the U.K. tired but happy and relaxed. This was probably the best time to visit Florida because there were no mosquitoes around to bother us and it was warm enough to sunbathe and relax. Every one had a great time, a real family holiday.
Thank you America.
We love to visit. 


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