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Welcome to Nerja,  Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Easter 1999

Easter time was upon us again so we decided to spend this holiday in Nerja, Andalusia, Southern Spain. We would be staying in an apartment at the Capistrano complex which turned out to be just outside the town.


It was very beautiful as it was perched up high and had spectacular views of the water gardens and promenade below. I was convinced you could see half way to Africa from here. This is the actual view from our balcony.

There was also a small swimming complex further up the hill and a great restaurant which held Flamenco shows once a week. Here is one of the dancers. It was a great base from which to explore this area of Espana. 

The apartment was spacious and well kept and the grounds at the complex were very clean and pretty. There was a stepped walk down to the beach area and as you walked you passed small water features and a large pool with frogs, small turtles and various lizards sunning themselves. Here is a 'sun-lounger lizard' sunning himself!

Small turtle climbing out of the pond to catch some rays.

Here is someone else 'lounging'. Jazka poses in front of the water gardens and apartment complex. It really was a beautiful place, built just like a traditional 'pueblo blanco', white village.

There were some really beautiful lily pads floating in the pool complete with flowers.

There is a lot to do and see in this part of Spain and we decided to try a local attraction called Cuevas de Nerja, an underground limestone cave complex close by in the village of Maro. These caves are situated between the sea and the lower slopes of the Sierra Almijara. 

Here is  Jazka descending into the first chamber.

These caves were only discovered in 1959 but to my mind they are the best I have ever visited. They are enormous and many of the chambers have not yet been opened to the public. They estimate that the area that is actually open at present is only one third of the total cave expanse and what is open is very impressive I can tell you.

The caves also have  archaeological remains like this rock painting. It shows a stag with a very prominent mark on its back. This painting leads to the Upper Galleries which were in use here at the time of  Paleolithic Man.

This skeleton fascinated the twins. It was in the entrance cave in a glass coffin. I think they have dated it as belonging to the Iron Age.

Here are three examples found in Cuevas de Nerja. The twins thought the one looking like Pinocchio was great!

El Castillo

Gran Columna


This really is a must if you are down in Southern Spain. They sometimes hold concerts here so look in the local papers for forthcoming attractions next time you are passing.

They have a great outdoor balcony cafe where you can see much of the countryside around the site. It is also nice to sit in the sun after walking around those cold caves. Robyn and I enjoy the view while discussing our next plan of action...........swimming and sunning methinks!

Robyn snaps.........

I smile...........

Jazka enjoys the sun.........

Another 'must see' is the Alhambra Palace in Granada. This was the view looking up to the palace. It was fantastic.

Remember to take some warm clothes if you visit at Easter as Granada is up under the Sierra Madre mountain range and it gets chilly, as we found out! 

There are many courtyards in this old palace. This is 'Patio de los leones', so called because there are lots of sculptures of lions around the central well. Water was always an important feature in all Moorish designs.

This area at the end of a garden and pool walkway was very beautiful.

Ben reaches the end of the walkway!

This was the view looking down towards some of the gardens.

Robyn and I had lots of fun walking down the beautiful tree lined avenues which take you from one area to another. The palace grounds are very extensive.

Coffee break before we ascend up to the top!

There was a small booth selling the biggest 'torpedo sandwiches' I have ever seen, so we purchased some and ate while the rest of the world carried on being tourists.

As Muslims are not allowed to paint images of their God onto the walls of their mosques and great houses, they use instead geometric designs of outstanding beauty like the one shown here. It is hard to imagine that such craftsmanship has been allowed to 'die out'; perhaps its still out there somewhere, awaiting another 'renaissance'.

Nerja is a great town for wandering around. There are many local artisans here and I found a very good leather shop. Of course, after wandering for some time we needed to sit down, take it easy and sip a cold beer. 

Which made Dan very happy!

This pedestrian area was very close to the 'Balcon de Europa', a rocky headland which juts out onto the sea. 

On this day Ben and Jazka seem to be colour co-ordinated, or was it that the sun made everything look bright, including these smiles.

The modern art in Espana is  very colourful and being a 'Miro' fan I wandered off looking for postcards and prints to take back to the UK. This postcard is called 'Besos animales', Animal kiss. 

Ben was on the look out for some 'cool shades' as he had forgotten to bring any, so we decided to wander down to the beach area.

We watched fishermen on the shoreline.


As the sunset, we drove back to the apartment. The view from the balcony had changed. There were now many small fishing boats on the shore, ready to go out on the early morning tide. 

In the evening we found a fabulous restaurant in town called 'El Viejo Sotano', The old Cellar. It was here that I tasted the best pork I have ever had.  We also had a great bottle of Spanish wine called 'Don Faustino' or something like that!

We ate out nearly every evening, either going into town or using the great restaurant on the complex. It was an interesting place with lots of sailor's memorabilia scattered around the walls. Here is a very silly family pose!

and again.......

and again.......

OK said Ben, this is serious now, I want my supper!

Rob had fun anyway.......

We had a great holiday but we didn't get to see any bullfights which are very popular in this part of Espana.

So we thought we would leave you with this humorous look at what really happens in the bullring. I will certainly have to attend if they are as much fun as this. 
Salut y viva 


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