danholle.com   Hello! I'm Dan. Jacquetta and I have put together a a variety of websites over the years. I hope you find them interesting...
I returned from Everest 16 years ago, but I'm virtually still there.   "Honey, I'll be late getting home" takes on a different meaning when the email is from Lower Manhattan on September 11.   We live in Surrey, at a house called Perrysfield. Here you'll find tales of home and holidays; and of friends and family.
Sail with me across the Atlantic following the route of Columbus' second crossing.   As a mountaineer, I must say that falling 7000 feet never felt so good.   It's only after my Dad passed away that I found myself writing these words. I wish I had done so a bit sooner.
Polish up your poker game by sparring with a set of intelligent bots.   On October 24, 2013, the Teradata Reunion was at the Full Circle Tavern in Dallas.   Are you ready for prime time?