Classic Teradata
2010 Reunion at Alan's
Every year, there is a reunion bringing together folks who were at the "original" Teradata (before the AT&T Acquisition, February 1992). This year was the biggest reunion ever... remarkable, 18 years later.

In previous years, there were a few dozen photos to deal with. This time it's different: we have over 500 photos from 8 photographers. The total size of the photos was roughly twice the raw disk space in the first commercial Teradata machine! Instead of just confronting you with 500 photos to plow through, I've tried to organize things a bit.

Below you'll find a Rogues Gallery of the 82 attendees, roughly in order of joining Teradata (at least the first half). Point at a picture to see their name; click on the picture to see their pictures and info. If you want to see all people, just click on Jack to start, and keep hitting the Next link in the upper right corner.

Thank you to Alan and Marina Chow for hosting the event. Thanks again to Karen Heath for pulling it all together. And thanks to Brett Brennan, Brittany Chow, Chuck McDevitt, Debi Hoefer, John Gins, Karen Heath, Kim Stanick, and William Tsang for taking the pictures you find presented here.