A few recent photos...

(looking up at the sky being scraped by the World Trade Center towers)

(just the sky)

(street scene covered in dust and papers)
Chase Plaza

(dusty, smoky, empty Wall Street)
An Empty Wall Street

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Things are OK. Phones are partially working but I can't seem to call outside NYC. Here is an excerpt of a note to my family. It's not really as scary as it sounds.   ...dan

From: Dan Holle
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 1:43 PM EDT
To: Jacquetta; Ben; Robyn
Subject: All is well.


Well, I managed to get out of the AIG offices over here to the hotel. It would appear that I will be holed up here for a while. Phone service is spotty... I have tried to call England a number of times without success. I tried calling Illinois in hopes of getting a message to you, also without success. So now I'm trying email.

I'm fine. The streets are a mess... about an inch of fine dust on the ground. The air is thick with dust and fumes and people are walking down the middle of the streets with cloth covering their faces to filter the air.


This morning, I was walking up Pine Street shortly after the first plane hit... there were papers flying through the air, mostly blue sky but some smoke high in the air. Light debris was falling and we were flicking it off our shoulders... somebody said it was a plane crashing into the World Trade Center... didn't really take it seriously.

When the second plane hit I was on the 14th floor of a skyscraper quite close to the Trade Center. There was a skyscraper between us and the WTC. When the plane hit a huge fireball was visible bursting around both sides of the skyscraper in front of us. When one of the towers collapsed, a huge wall of smoke, hundreds of feet high, surged through the streets all around us. Several people who had "gone out for a cup of coffee" (and maybe gawk) stumbled back in, covered in dust and in some cases bloody because of being hit by flying debris.

Since coming here to New York I've been to the WTC quite a few times... there was a great bookstore there which opens at 7AM, so I have been going there to browse and have a Latte in the morning. This morning, though, I had a breakfast meeting at the hotel with a guy named Phil... I thanked Phil for setting up that meeting. Right now, Phil is walking up Manhattan Island to his daughter's on the upper east side... maybe 10 mile walk as the public transportation here in New York is shut down.


I'm going to go downstairs now to check on some things... it's all over now and you don't need to worry... a rather extraordinary day.

From: Dan Holle
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 4:11 PM EDT
Subject: NYC

I'm sticking close to the hotel. The Plaza and Wall Street are both a half a block from the hotel. The police are all over the place.

The downtown area is pretty well deserted. The air is noxious and smoky, people still wearing gas masks 7 hours after the planes hit. An inch of fine grey dust, and partially burned office documents, are everywhere.

I'm fine. The excitement is over, the mess is not.

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